Photo of glass mosaic art poppies

Nature-Inspired Mosaic Art

Who I Am

My name is Valri and I am a self-taught glass mosaic artist.

How I Got Started

In the midst of a bathroom remodel, I went looking for interesting tiles to bring some color to the design. I happened upon some beautiful mosaic art and, intrigued, did some internet perusing. I found a lovely set of starter videos and the next thing I knew I was making mosaics as a creative outlet simply for my own pleasure. I quickly discovered that glass, thinset, grout and I get along remarkably well. Friends and family began asking for me to make pieces for them as gifts; then encouraging me to consider selling things... so here I am!
Mostly this is site exists so that I have a single place to keep photos of my work to show to friends, family and people I meet who want to see what I'm doing. If you're interested in buying something or commissioning something, please email me from my Contact Me page.

My Process

I am a nature lover and an ocean advocate, which you will see clearly reflected in my work.

I use stained glass, vitreous glass and iridescent glass pieces. I cut the pieces by hand and use mostly thinset mortar to glue them to the substrate. Then, I grout the piece and finish with a sealer. Most of them should be fine in either an indoor or outdoor setting. I have recently been playing with materials other than glass and look forward to sharing the results!

See What I Can Do

Please visit the Portfolio link on the left to view photos of my work.

The top selections on that page are available for sale. If you are interested in any of them, or if you'd like to discuss commisssioned work, you can email me via the Contact Me link.

The lower section of the page includes works I've done for my own house or gifts I've made for family and friends. I included them to show a broader spectrum of my work.

Thank You

Thank you for checking out my site and my art!